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    Hi - need help

    I think my unlocked Verizon 9630 on AT&T GSM is bricked

    1. device is stuck with black screen/ spinning hr. glass
    2. Device restarts but does not not get past black screen with spinning hr glass
    3. Not recognized by USB because of the above
    4. Blackberry device manager properties: when I try to use apploader.exe or desktop it drops the connection and gets stuck in the spinning hr. glass.
    5. I removed battery, shows up on connection USB status, Screen shows a empty battery with a big RED X.. When i got to reinsert battery it drops the connection , red light comes on and it starts to do the spinning hr glass forever! (tried 2 different batteries same thing)

    Fixes tried so far:

    1. run app loader.exe using windows CMD and catch it when it is recognized by USB PIN. Seems to work but once you get to installing the OS it goes into the black screen with spinning hr glass and then the connection drops

    2. tried reset to factory, same issue above

    3. Using apploader.exe I get past choosing OS options but as soon as it starts to get to loading JVM it stays hung up and then says error

    4. seems like the USB connection status does not stay on or doesn't come on at ll to let it update or do what ever I try. Tried on 2 separate computers running windows 7 and XP pro 32 bit , doesn't matter same issue.

    5. Tried without battery just connecting to USB , seems to show up but as soon I insert battery it goes back to not being recognized (used 2 separate batteries, same problem) ( not battery)

    6. No matter which method I try applaoder exe using command line or through windows explorer or though desktop manager 6.) it just doesn't work!

    by the way I had O.S 5.0x on device as well as desktop 6.0

    if this is bricked , what do you people think about getting a used At&T 9700 off of Craig look.. I looked last night normal price range is from 250 to 350 for used.. Is that Too much being that theirs new blackberry's coming out?

    I think over 200 for a 9700 black berry is alot , right since its about to be replaced by the 9780!.. what would you guys pay?

    can someone please help..
    09-30-10 04:58 PM