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    Hello, so im new to this website and i was just looking for some help with my blackberry torch 9860. My blackberry keeps overheating when i charge it and when i take the charger out, my battery drains so so fast! So i have to take the battery out, when i put the battery back in, some of my text messages have been deleted. for example, i text my friend at 6pm last night, and then i was having a conversation up until around 2am. I took the battery out of my blackberry and then when i put it back in, texts from around 6pm were there, but the texts from later on in the night were not. Im really in need of help so please if anybody could get back to me i would appreciate it so so much! thankyou xx
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    03-03-12 08:13 AM
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    BB7 devices have the "BlackBerry Device Analyzer" (type it in the universal search). That "app" gives you the option to begin a battery test to diagnose three things: (1) Not charging, (2) Battery charging too slowly, and (3) Battery draining too quickly. So, you can run the 3rd test to see what it tells you.

    You can also:

    -Reload the software
    -Check the charger (see if the wire is ok, if the outlet connector is ok and if the charger overheats just like the phone)
    -Buy a new battery
    -Call RIM for help
    -Call your carrier for any warranty

    You can set BlackBerry Protect to perform a daily back-up, so that way you can save most* of your messages.

    03-03-12 09:57 AM
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    A battery overheating is not normal, try a new one. How long have you had this BB? Also, you are using the right charger right? My wife used my PlayBook's charger on her BB once and nearly fried it.
    03-03-12 10:13 AM