1. godsdrummer209's Avatar
    i just lost my brand new storm and i have asurion does anyone know if the replacement comes with the 8 gb micro sd?
    04-16-09 03:21 AM
  2. SofaKingKev's Avatar
    i would doubt if the replacement comes with any memory card.. sorry dude
    04-16-09 03:22 AM
  3. redsoxrocker's Avatar
    I don't think it does because if you send them a damaged phone back, you're not supposed to include any accessories including media cards. Check newegg.com, they have great deals on media cards over there.

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    04-16-09 07:57 AM
  4. GulfcoastGuy's Avatar
    I am pretty sure you will end up having to buy another card. If it didnt come with the phone originally it wont come with the replacement.
    04-16-09 08:03 AM
  5. Roweazie's Avatar
    radio shack is your bestfriend when it comes to memory card. they usually sale 8gb mirco for 20bucks.
    04-16-09 08:12 AM
  6. pkcable's Avatar
    Perhaps because it's a lost phone and that particular accessory comes standard, you will get it. I would mention it to assurion. But as others have said they are pretty cheap, AND if you do buy maybe it's time for a 16 or 32.
    04-16-09 08:16 AM
  7. ArmaK's Avatar
    You might or might not get the card. There are some that have reported getting an almost brand new device with all accessories after losing their storm and then there are others that received only the device. If you don't get a card, just do as pk said and buy the 16 or wait for the 32 to be released.

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    04-16-09 05:59 PM