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    1. Download and install Media Monkey to your PC. It's free and the best music manager I have ever used. Since this is my first post I can't post the link.
    2. Launch Media Monkey - go through the normal Q&A during the install. The UI is just like Windows Explorer. MM will search for your mp3, wav and other music files and list them in the MM library.
    3. Connect your BB to your PC and enable mass storage.
    4. Expand the trees and you will see all your music from all locations.
    5. Under "My Computer" locate the drive that you have your music stored. IMPORTANT: If you select that BB drive under the other options this won't work. It has to be under "My Computer."
    6. Expand that out until you see "music" and select that folder.
    7. Right click on the Music folder and select "new *.m3u playlist" - name the playlist
    8. The playlist will show up in music at the bottom of the individual file folders in the Music folder...the icon will be a music note in blue.
    9. Drag and drop your music files (from the same Music folder) into the playlist and adjust the play order as you like.
    10. Disconnect properly.

    You can set up a playlist in 30 seconds and have it filled and sorted in no time at all.

    These are m3u playlists which means you can use the same song in multiple playlists.
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    Thanks for the HINT to be in MY COMPUTER. I had tried MM before and met with failure.
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