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    OK so this topic is just for fun and I think it might be interesting.

    Post your hardware/platform preference for your different gadgets and to which you would switch too (like a 2nd preference if the first wasn't an option or if you were planning to update or switch)

    I'll go first.


    1st-BlackBerry torch 9810 (eventually BB10)
    2nd-probably a slider windows 8 phone

    1st-PlayBook all the way (32GB at the moment)
    2nd- my other choice would be a windows 8 tablet

    1st-HP running Windows XP
    2nd-definitely an upgrade to Windows 7 but not sure how many more PCs i'll be getting, if anything i'll probably just upgrade until I max out tech specs and then just getting laptops


    1st-HP (360degree-fold-down touchscreen with stylus) running Windows vista
    2nd-again, upgrade to Windows 7 probably on a Sony Vaio

    Music/video player:
    1st-ipod video 30GB(i use my PlayBook more often though)
    2nd- like mentioned, I use my PlayBook but otherwise not sure, maybe one of the new Sony walkmans

    Portable gaming:

    1st-Playstation Portable 3000
    2nd-absolutely a PS Vita

    Console gaming:

    1st-PS3 ( like the Wii for casual games with my girlfriend)
    2nd- I suppose an Xbox but really this one is difficult because the Wii is tons of fun too, OnLive also looks cool but it doesn't have motion gaming. For FPS and kinect I guess the Xbox but i would hate the Xbox live membership *shudders*. Free PSN FTW!!!

    Picture camera:
    -I don't use one, I just use the ones on my BB products and I don't see myself purchasing one until in a bit older for memories to require HD quality of cameras like when I have children and such. Right now autofocus and 5MP on my torch 9810 are sufficient.

    Video camera:

    -same as for picture camera

    Feel free to add categories as I'm sure there are more.

    Please don't post rude comments about other's posts or comments that are just plain useless and don't go with the theme of this topic.
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    Thread bump
    It seems in the "RIM giving up on the consumer market fiasco" this thread was ignored
    I would really like to hear all of your preferences
    04-02-12 08:21 AM
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    OK last try, I hope someone replies, it would be fun to hear.
    04-11-12 10:00 PM