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    Plantronics 655+ BlackBerry branded

    Headset Review

    Well folks here I go setting out on yet another product review!!! I must say that I am not the biggest Bluetooth (BT) fan. I have used many BT models in a quest to find one that I like and will use consistently. I have tried the following units, Samsung wep 200, Plantronics 320, Plantronics 521 (like this one), Jawbone, Moto H700, and the Moto H12 Pure (liked this as well) and many others.

    The Plantronics 655+ has changed my view of BT, sound quality, comfort, ease of use all outstanding on this BT headset.

    This headset comes in an attractive and very sturdy box. Took me several minutes to get the packaging open for this device. When I first opened it the first thing I noticed was the flat black packaging and set into the packaging was a very sexy looking Headset and charging sleeve. Both are flat black and look awesome set into the packaging. Included along with the Headset and charging sleeve are 3 ear gels (small, medium, large) and an ear loop, also a charger obviously.

    Headset itself is very sweet looking in the Flat black the power button is decorated with the typical BB logo which looks very good no make that awesome!!!

    I tested this headset mostly in my work environment as that is where I use BT the most. I work in a cellular sales environment that can get very busy and noisy. I used this device for two weeks which I think is a fair amount of time to get an adequate time of use.

    I have added the tech specs and feature list at the bottom for those who dont want to look them up.

    The device came with the medium ear gel already installed. Tried that for a day before I realized I needed to use the small one. Swapping the gels out is very easy a simple twist and gentle pull and old one is out. Reverse and the replacement is in with little effort. The ear loop is optional and I found that the headset stays in my ear very comfortably without the loop though personally I use the loop. The ear loop fits very comfortably is wire metal and is enshrouded in a soft plastic. This is the first headset I have used where it fits so comfortably that I actually forget I am wearing it. Absolutely remarkable!!!

    The size of this headset in my mind is just right big enough to know it is there and small enough to forget about it. This device is very sleek and dare I say stylish!!!!

    The sound quality is OUTSTANDING!!!! I keep the volume on its lowest setting which is most of the time adequate for me unless my tinnitus is acting up then I have to raise the volume. During the use of this headset which I used a lot I never once had anyone complain of background noise or that I sound garbled in anyway. The other end came across loud and clear dont think I had to ask anyone to repeat themselves even when I had to call in to customer care (shocking I know). I got plenty of talk time from the headset but I treat it like I do my BB and charge whenever I have the chance.

    Volume control is very easy from the BT headset with the volume control right on the headset as we expect these days. I find myself using the phone for this more as my BB tends to be in my hand most of the time.

    For charging it comes with the charging sleeve much like the 655, it doesnt have all the attachments for charging methods that the 655 had. Simply slip the headset into the sleeve and plug in the USB cable that is included or that you use with you BB. The sleeve has the ability to vibrate when it is charging the headset and it is on and connected to the phone so you know when you are receiving a call. I like that very much.

    Of all the Headsets I have used this is by far my favorite The fact that it is BB branded just adds to the cool factor.

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    Tech specs/features
    Enjoy outstanding sound quality and secure conversations with a light and comfortable Bluetooth headset, optimized for BlackBerry devices and compatible with all Bluetooth enabled mobile phones.

    AudioIQ(R) is the future of smart headset design.

    Our advanced digital signal processing automatically adjusts voice levels so every word can be clearly heard on both ends of the call, regardless of the noise around you.

    Optimal sound quality with DSP (Digital Signal Processing), which actively reduces transmitted background noises

    Technical Specifications:
    Talk Time: up to 3 hours
    Standby time: up to 80 hours
    Range: up to 33 feet (10 meters)
    Weight: 1/3 ounce (9 grams)
    Supports Bluetooth 2.0
    05-30-08 08:03 PM
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    My Plantronics 665A worked great for about a week, before it started dropping calls. Here's my post: http://forums.crackberry.com/f42/pla...problem-39214/

    I'd really like to hear an update on your 655+ in a week or so. I've already returned my 665A, but Best Buy puts them on sale often.
    05-31-08 05:48 PM
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    have been using it without problems for almost 3 weeks now
    06-03-08 07:15 PM
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    Glad to hear it. Maybe I'll pick up another one, if I find one on sale before I find a Blueant Z9. Maybe I just had a defective one.
    06-03-08 08:15 PM