1. smarkow's Avatar
    Has anyone tried to download the new PingMe app to their blackberries? PingMe is a cross application messaging device (simliar to BBM). It has the Sent, Delivered, Read notification just like BBM, but as noted, can be used on iphones, Droids, and Blackberries.

    To this date, I have been unable to download the PingMe app on either my Blackberry Storm or Blackberry Curve. The error I receive is "907 Invalid COD HTTP Error 406: Not Acceptable".

    I'm wondering if anyone else has had these issues as I have no clue what that error message means.

    I'd appreciate any assistance.

    Thanks very much.
    12-12-11 09:28 AM
  2. Rootbrian's Avatar
    I got that error 9 times in a row and I just kept persisting until it finally downloaded and got installed. Keep trying and don't stop until you get it.
    12-12-11 04:07 PM
  3. smarkow's Avatar
    seriously? thats insane.... I guess I will try again....

    The "support" for PingMe said "please visit the FAQ page and ensure you are downloading the most recent version." Then they marked my issues as "resolved."
    12-12-11 04:41 PM
  4. PingMe_PM's Avatar
    Hi Smarkow,

    I'm sorry of what you've gone through. Error 907 is rather common on BlackBerry. You can resolve the issue by clearing the browser cache. Here's the instruction.

    Open Browser application
    Go to Menu | Options
    Navigate all the way to the bottom, where you find "Clear Browsing Data" header
    Make sure "cache" is checked
    Click "Clear Now"

    That should take care of the Error 907 issue. If not, please drop me a line. thanks!
    12-15-11 06:54 PM