1. brava27's Avatar
    I am on TELUS and I went through the USA roaming on AT&T and everything was working fine. I won my 9810 device from Blackberry.

    I landed in Mexico and popped in a TELCEL simcard. Registered BIS there for 7 days. All is fantastic.

    I travelled back to TEXAS and the device will not connect to anything. I do not have BIS anymore and only BBM works and I cannot sign in to TELUS.BLACKBERRY.COM but I can TELCEL.BLACKBERRY.COM and it says my device is registered on that network.

    Do I have to go back to Canada do register my device on the TELUS network and not on the AT&T network? I cannot send my service books or re-register my device on TELUS.BB.....

    Anyone have an idea?

    09-17-11 01:15 AM
  2. Rootbrian's Avatar
    You'll need to go back to canada if a battery pull didn't do squat. Sucks, but it happens.

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    09-17-11 02:07 AM