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    Hey all, I'm usually just a lurker,but I have a question,help me out here.

    2 months ago my nephew got his torch 9800 stolen at school,we filed a police report with the phone's IMEI # and everything.My nephew just added his pin from his stolen BB on BBM on my bb,just for the H E L L of it,the person accepted,but they don't have a username that could incriminate anyone, just some weird username. My nephew chatted with him for awhile to see if he knew him,he did. He said he recognized the way the guy chatted for sure, and he said someone in his class had just recently got a torch 9800. He's going to try to confront the guy with the principal tomorrow and the school liason. Now my questions are how is this all going to go down,how's my nephew going to prove that it's his? Would a Pin and IMEI # be enough. He also has a BB protect account that shows his pin and the account is registered under his email address,could we use that as proof?

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    IF you have the Box for the phone, and you filed a police report when the phone was lost, it should be a pretty easy proof case as the PIN is registered to your former account.

    You should contact the Carrier and have the PIN Blocked with your Account as proof that the device was yours first, you'll need the police report to get it blocked

    Then you can tell the police and the school administrator you suspect the person in question has your phone, with the proof in hand they can check and confirm.

    WITH BlackBerry protect registered to the phone, you should be able to go on the website and find your phone, as well as remote wipe it every day
    01-16-12 09:12 PM
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    He doesn't have the box, he got rid of it,but the police report includes the IMEI #. Also we believe that the person is using a different sim and probably logged out/ or deleted BB protect, because we can't track it. The carrier is AT&T, we called after it was stolen and they said they couldn't blacklist it and only RIM could, but I'll try again and mention a police report this time, that should help.But I still don't if blocking the PIN is incriminating enough?
    01-16-12 09:31 PM
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    One of the feature of blackberry protect is to set the phone to go off with a loud noise and also you can send a text. If the school has a computer in the classroom, im sure you could set it to go off in class or something. That should prove it unless the BBID is now for the phone he is using now.
    01-16-12 10:19 PM
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    Yes, I know that.But he gets an error message claiming the phone isn't connected to the network thus disabling BB protect's services.
    01-16-12 10:58 PM
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    The IMEI and PIN are unique to the phone, either could be considered to be the serial number. Considering they are almost random in their sequence of characters, to have cited both together in the theft report should be pretty good evidence of ownership. It is certainly enough to get someone a free ride in a cop car.

    This should start as a followup report to police only, with more details of the offender now identified. Nothing works better than getting arrested without warning. A report to the school will probably get an unofficial investigation, any search would be illegal and would be inadmissible in evidence, and would and give the offender time to get rid of the phone. Worst case it will trigger out of school retaliation and risk physical harm to your nephew.
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