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    Ive owned the Bold 9700 before and now im thinking of buying the Curve 9300 3G the only problem is im after it in White, its rare and i carnt seem to find any decent pictures of the front sides or back anywhere on the internet? Ive seen one video on youtube but its bad quality, If anyone has it i would be grateful if they could post pictures of it up onto this thread

    11-09-11 03:54 PM
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    Hey 8778! Give my buddy some space! LOL!

    There's plenty of room for the two of you.

    But if it was Bubba Zanetti I would be worried.
    11-09-11 07:14 PM
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    Christ noone owns a Curve 3g in white? they carnt be that rare can they
    11-09-11 07:42 PM
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    or if you want a black/white combo:

    Blackberry Curve 9300 9330 Housing - Plain White

    You'll have to do some assembly, but you CAN have a white 9300.
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    11-09-11 08:31 PM
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    Jranciano - the OP won't have to do any modding, they sell a white 9300, well at least they do here in UK, you can get it at Phones4U - blackberry curve 9300 white contract mobile phone from phones 4u unfortunately they only have a front view pic also.

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    11-10-11 03:00 AM
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    This is crazy it must be rare because when i phoned blackberry asking for some more pictures to be sent to an email or whatever they said they couldnt help me? First thing ill have to do is upload some pics
    11-12-11 08:17 PM
  7. californiablackberry's Avatar
    I haven't seen a 9300 or 9330 in White, in person.
    Online, it looks exactly like the White 8520.

    Good luck.
    11-12-11 08:24 PM
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    Never ended up finding a picture but from what i can gather it will look exactly like this housing . maybe a bit too unregonizable from the 8520 in white so i maybe get black now not too sure Brand New White Housing Faceplate Front Bezel Cover: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics
    11-15-11 07:01 PM