1. krkranz86's Avatar
    I have the VZW 8830we and I am able to send pictures via vzwpix.com but I have been unable to receive pictures the last few days. I was receiving them fine throughout the week? Any ideas?
    02-16-08 02:49 PM
  2. RAPTOR0065's Avatar
    I've had a similar problem using my Curve 8310 on AT&T. I had txt and pix messaging on my old Nokia phone on Cingular. After switching my simcard over to the Curve and now on AT&T I can no longer send pix and when I receive them am given a link to "viewmymessages.com" with mssg ID and p/w to view my message.

    This is a company supplied phone and I've inquired to IT about it who will look into it on Monday. Let me know if you find anything out and I'll share what I find out.
    02-16-08 03:03 PM