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    08-19-14 08:22 AM
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    Hi All,

    While I barely have ever posted here, everyday I log on to the Crackberry site to read the forums. I love the die-hard attitudes some people have here, shows true passion.

    I do see a lot of people talking about BB being better than iPhones and Androids, and one reason in particular is the physical keyboard helps people type faster and is "better" than virtual alternatives.

    I primarily use an iPhone 5s for all work emailing, texting etc, and have found that no matter how much time I invest into using a physical keyboard, it just is never nearly as fast as a virtual keyboard.
    My typing style is pretty bad, I mush the keyboard in the right direction of the letters I want to press, and let auto-correct sort it out (90% of the time its accurate)

    Now I know that CB is going crazy for the new Passport phone, but surely the physical keyboards days are numbered? After spending time with a GOOD virtual keyboard (iPhone, Swiftkey on Android), surely most people would find this an easier, more efficient way to type?

    What are others thoughts? Keyboards gone from the BB lineup any time soon? Or still flogging that old dead horse?
    I honestly hate physical keyboards but I must say that the iPhone keyboard sucks (way too much space between keys) and so do all the android ones except for swiftkey. Swiftkey has the same general algorithm for the keyboard and it's very fluid motions similar to bb10's keyboard

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    08-19-14 08:52 AM
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    I was a die hard physical keyboard fan. I truly never thought that I'd like a virtual keyboard. I was very wrong. I decided to get a Z10 when it first came out and I must say that the virtual keyboard is just as easy, and just as efficient, as a physical keyboard. That is just my opinion, of course. Now, I also use a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and I must say that the stock physical keyboard on Samsung devices leaves me cold. Prior to the Note 3, I used the Galaxy S 3 and I wasn't impressed with that keyboard either. However, I started using Swiftkey and found that it is comparable to the BlackBerry virtual keyboard. BlackBerry's virtual keyboard is still top notch though. I am not sure that I'll ever go back to a physical keyboard.
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    08-19-14 08:59 AM
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    Physical Keyboard vs Virtual Keyboard-passport-q10-full-1000x1000.jpg
    Physical Keyboard vs Virtual Keyboard-passport-iphone-1000x1000.jpg

    Nuff said
    08-19-14 09:19 AM
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    I am bad adicted of physical keybord I cant use virtual keybord even 10 second

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    08-19-14 09:27 AM
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    O my god I have Q10 and paspor is dangerous I cant purchase its enough big

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    08-19-14 09:28 AM
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    OP I have to agree with you...

    Went from the Physical Keyboard on my Palm Treo 755, to a BlackBerry STORM, then to a BOLD 9650, and now to my Z10.

    Took a while with the 9650 getting use to a physical keyboard again.. especiall with the lack of a touch screen, the much older Treo had one - with a stylus. But I did get pretty quick with the 9650 and the shortcut keys were really great... but there is no comparison to what I can do with my Z10 and predictive text. I'm sure the Q10's keyboard along with predictive text is great also, but I really want the extra space that a virtual keyboard allows.
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    08-19-14 09:37 AM
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    I see the Passport has much bigger buttons and spaced further apart.. but do you think that would actually make it faster to type on that the slightly smaller, but closer together buttons?

    I cant wait to try , i know that much
    08-20-14 10:38 PM
  9. anon(6038817)'s Avatar
    I don't like auto-correct and auto-complete and prefer to type out each word in its entirety and spell it correctly.

    A physical keyboard is much more conducive to this style of typing, and I find it to be much faster for me than a virtual keyboard.

    Physical keyboards are such a part of the BlackBerry ethos that I would be surprised if they didn't keep at least one physical keyboard device in their future handset lineups. There will always be people like me that prefer them.

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    08-20-14 11:06 PM
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    Interesting replies,

    The thing I like most about the iPhone is the ability to txt (accurately, but slightly slower) with one hand. When using a Galaxy S5 or Note, its impossible to use just 1 hand.

    I am interested in the Passport phone, not ever to buy one (unless it ran iOS or Android, as I use many apps) but to see how the keyboard feels now its spaced out more. I had a 9700 and the keyboard was so small my fingers felt cramped up..

    I imagine the new Passport is what the new iPhone 6 will be to the PKB guys yeah? 'The next best thing' as spamsung like it call it
    The Z10 has very easy one handed use as well and a great on screen keyboard. The Passport is probably not the last phone BlackBerry will make.

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    08-20-14 11:23 PM
  11. Dave Bourque's Avatar
    Nothing better than the BB10 virtual keyboard.

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    08-21-14 12:28 AM
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