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    My BB 9700 (AT&T) all the sudden shut off. Now everytime I turn it on the BB screen shows up with the bar across the bottom as it starts to load/start-up and it gets to the same spot everytime (about 40% complete) and it shuts off and does the same thing over and over everytime!! I bought this phone off a friend about 2 weeks ago and he had just purchased it new 2 weeks before that. Even though I didnt buy it new myself, since its still less than 1 year old will RIM send me a new one because its a manufacturer issue?


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    09-01-10 05:29 PM
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    is there a way to like master reset the phone without turning it on?

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    09-01-10 05:32 PM
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    Typically, the BlackBerry warranty applies to the original purchaser and is not transferable.

    Here are some threads that might help.


    You also can try wiping it with JL_Cmdr and reloading the device OS.
    09-01-10 05:45 PM
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    If the friend is willing, the warranty probably still applies to that person. Let them follow up on the defective unit.
    09-01-10 07:45 PM
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    I did a loader.exe (or was it Javaloader?) reload of the OS when mine had that issue. Fixed it fine
    09-01-10 09:45 PM
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    You might try pulling out the media card and see if it starts. Corrupt media cards have been known to cause similar issues.

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    09-01-10 11:33 PM