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    I have been a Blackberry user for many years and I should be able to figure this out, but for some reason I can't. I have my Storm programmed to vibrate only in the holster, out of the holster I want an audible ring, but I can't figure out how to get to do this. When the phone is sitting on the desk, I miss all my calls because the ringer is silent (if I happen to be looking at it it does indicate an incomming call). Somebody please tell me that I am overlooking something painfully obvious. Thanks
    01-26-09 03:32 PM
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    Is it near the holster or any kind of magnet that would activate the holster? You should have the holster set to vibrate, and out of holster to tone. Is that how it is?
    01-26-09 03:35 PM
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    I assume your profile is on loud or normal first of all and not quiet etc..

    under options>profiles>profilename>phone> out of holster>tone and select. Only stating the obvious in case you overlooked something.
    01-26-09 03:36 PM
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    No, it is not near the holster or a magnet when it is out of the holster (good question though), Prior to the Storm, I was accustomed to going to OPTIONS, then PROFILES and being able to set the out-of-the-holster tone, but with the Storm there is no PROFILES choice under OPTIONS. I can go to the SOUNDS folder from the home screen and click PHONE. From there it lets me select 'SOUND IN HOLSTER - Y/N' and 'VIBRATION - ON, OFF or IN HOLSTER ONLY'. I don't see where I can select an out-of-holster setting.
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    01-26-09 06:21 PM
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    Rparker wish I could help you but I dont have a storm. One would think there would be an easy way to do that though. How did you get the name rparker on crackberry....I tried to get it since thats my real name and it was already taken...lol
    01-26-09 06:50 PM
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    Just lucky I guess. My name happens to be R Parker and it was the first thing I tried.
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    01-26-09 07:07 PM
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    Well welcome to Crackberry R Parker...someone here will be able to help you.
    01-26-09 07:10 PM