1. TennMan's Avatar
    Just got the 8830. Know how to adjust the sound volume on the side. Sound is adjust to "loud", btw.

    But, at the max, the sound is very low. Even downloaded ringtones, but nothing changed. With the phone in my pocket, it is too low to hear. In the car with the window down? No way - missed several call that way.

    Any help or suggestions?

    Thanks to all.
    12-29-07 06:18 PM
  2. castlerock611's Avatar
    I've had a 8830,its verizon and not the blackberry,they were to fix that with the last OS update but it didn't work,that's one of the reasons I switched to a curve on t-mobile,I hated constantly missing calls because the ringer,and it sucked for something like that being one of the reasons to switch when verizon has great coverage and fast data speeds and I loved the 8830,so sorry your stuck with the low volume until verizon does something about it.

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    12-29-07 07:15 PM