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    All of a sudden tonight my Blackberry 8310 stopped vibrating or ringing when I get a new text, email, mms or call.

    Has anyone else had the happen before? If so how did you fix it?

    I soft rest it, pulled the battery, and changed to a different profile, but still doesnt' vibrate.

    Thanks in advance for the any help.

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    You should run a test.
    To see if the vibrater thing is working.
    Go to Options - Status
    When in status type I "test"
    It will bring up this menu
    Do Menu - Start
    Check the "misc" and run the test.

    My phone did this last week it wouldn't notify me when I got a new BBM thing. But a battery pull fixed it.

    Try another.

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    03-14-09 11:33 PM
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    Happened to me too. I replaced the black housing that holds the chip and every thing inside the phone and that fixed my vibe problem.

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    03-14-09 11:44 PM
  4. xieta27's Avatar
    I did the test and the vibrating didn't work on it.

    JORB are you talking about the back cover? Did your phone still make noise when you got a text or call before you replaced the part?
    03-14-09 11:50 PM
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    It will make sound when you call, had profiles set to not ring, just to vibrate. Any ideas on how to fix vibrate, if JORB idea doesn't work?

    Thanks for all the help.
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  6. lalifeguards's Avatar
    When my vibrate stopped working on my 8220, I got a replacement device. (Within 30 days).

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    03-15-09 07:57 AM
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    Had phone for over a year now so out of warrenty. But thanks thou.
    03-15-09 09:06 AM
  8. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    Try a battery pull. Otherwise, your phone might just be broken. If you don't have insurance, then you either have to live with it or purchase a new/different phone.
    03-15-09 09:21 AM