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    I saw a a similar thread but this is different. I own a 8900, no problems so far with the exception of headphone jack. Other then that it has been a great phone. But lately it has been acting up. I would be talking on the phone and all of a sudden the conversation cuts out and I have a white screen. I remove the battery and it looks like it is going to come on but the T_Mobile symbol doesn't come on and I cannot receive any calls. But when I go home and plug it is the phone turns on like nothing happened. I want to mention that my battery has been fully charged when these incidents happen. I even took it to a battery place and they told me it was not the battery because it was holding a charge. Can anybody tell me what is going on. I really do not want to get another phone. And this has happened more then a few inopportune times Thanks in advance
    11-08-11 04:27 PM