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    Hi everyone... I'm in the market for a new smartphone and could use some input from the community.

    To kind of give you some background, my first smartphone was a Blackberry Tour. I loved it. I enjoyed the email capabilities, the games, the browsing. The trackball was awesome considering all I had ever had was a D-Pad with an ok button in the center. It was a great phone even though I felt it was a little buggy. (All phones seem to have some issues)

    After a year with the Tour, I decided to give Android a try. I bought the Devour which was really nice with the touchscreen and customization aspects. Also trying different apps just because I had a few extra minutes was fun. Wifi was a really great addition to my smartphone experience. I left the Devour because I felt like Verizon completely forgot about it with all the other superior models although they came out just a month or two afterwards.

    So I decided to go back to an Env 2 and save some money. And I love the Env2 but I really miss being able to access the web whenever I need to. Just so many uses for my smartphone that I didn't realize. Kinda like that "you don't know what you had until it's gone" experience.

    So to finally get to the topic of my post, I could really use some input from everyone. My main reasons for wanting a smartphone are:
    * Web browsing
    * Email/Messaging
    * Organzation Features-- Calender, Notes, Alarms, etc.

    I've made list after list of Pros/Cons and I'm really struggling with a decision. My browsing doesn't have to be lightning fast and really easy to navigate like on the droid. (I'm honestly not a big fan of touchscreens due to my uh... clumsiness) But I really liked wifi and customization. With my Tour I enjoyed BBM and the QWERTY keyboard. Also, the Droid seemed to last maybe 5 hours for battery. Was kinda rough...

    I realize that this is a Blackberry dominated forum and everything. But if some suggestions about different phones and some pros and cons VS other ones I could really use the help. Being that I've used both BB and Android, it's really hard to decide. I'm even starting to explore the Palm WebOS to see what it's like.

    So I guess to sum everything up (finally) I could use some help with specifics on pros/cons and specific model info.

    08-18-10 01:36 PM
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    My opinion is you need to rate all those criteria from most to least important. That
    will give you better direction.

    If web browsing is very important, every BlackBerry (including the 9800 IMO) will
    disappoint you.

    If email is your priority the BB is your best bet, but be aware that the default
    client lacks some features that should have been implemented years ago. Still
    quite serviceable but not nearly as perfect as many will make it seem.

    Organization features - this is pretty much a push.
    08-18-10 01:49 PM
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    Mmhmm... I had a tour and really enjoyed it. Just got caught up in the flare and "new-ness" of Android. Really wasn't that impressed other than customization and web browsing. I'm honestly leaning towards BB again. The tour was the only BB I've ever owned or even played with. My VZW store only has dummy phones of blackberry models so I really haven't gotten a good feel for the newer models.

    I'm still researching Palm's WebOS but more than likely I'm coming back to the BB world. Any thoughts on whether I should pick up a Tour again? Or are they kind of outdated and fading? I like the look of the trackpads, but haven't ever used one. And I'm still in contract so I'm searching eBay for some deals. Don't want to go all out and pay full retail.

    Wow... I'm picky haha
    08-18-10 02:04 PM
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    I have had both the Tour and the Curve 8530 and now the fantastic Bold 9650.
    I actually liked the Tour a lot except for the trackpad. It had faulted me on 3 devices and that is when I jumped onto the Curve. The Curve is a nice little device, but I really wanted the Bold. At the time I had gotten the Curve, it wasn't out yet. I was lucky though and used my internet line to get the Curve and I was ready in July for a yearly upgrade that I used on getting the Bold. I am very pleased. I haven't had any real issues with it that can't be dealt with. I highly recommend the Bold if you decide to return to Blackberry.
    08-18-10 02:13 PM
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    Related: what carrier are you currently on, and are you planning on staying with them?
    08-18-10 02:16 PM
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    In regards to the carrier and whether I'm staying with them... I'm with verizon and haven't had any reason to switch. I haven't had any issues with them.

    Thanks for the response. I've been looking at the Bold 9650. It's definitely attracting my attention haha.

    Was/Is the Curve similar to the Tour?
    08-18-10 02:29 PM
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    I am also new to BB. The Bold 9650 is the first and only BB that I have really experienced. From what I have learned on this forum, if you enjoyed the Tour, you will really like the Bold. Apparently, the Bold is what the Tour should have been. I would say that the Tour is outdated and fading.
    I love the Bold for email and messaging and organization features. I love the form factor. The trackpad is very nice. As for web browsing - you're in luck. It is not lightning fast. I can deal with it because browsing is not my highest priority in a smartphone. I recommend the Bold, but if web browsing is most important to you, this BB would probably frustrate you. There is a wealth of information on this forum and many knowledgeable people here who contribute valuable information that will help you to make a wise choice. Good luck to you in your search.
    08-18-10 02:37 PM
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    Thank you Brookelynne. I'm really starting to lean towards the Tour or the Bold. It's familiar and something I enjoyed before my Android switch. (which I have regretted many times. Fell for those flashy commercials haha) I think that I might go with the tour since I still have a year to go on my contract before I can upgrade. I did some ebay searching and the Bold seems to go for around 300-ish. The tour is about half that.

    I did a quick search on info about the Curve 8530 and really like the wifi and trackpad. My only thought is that it doesn't have a flash for the camera (not too critical but convenient) and I'm still determining if the screen resolution is better or worse than the tour.

    So slowly but surely I'm narrowing it down... Thanks everyone for helping me figure out that Blackberry is definitely for me. Now to figure out the exact details of the device haha
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    08-18-10 02:44 PM
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    You have 2 options and they are blackberry or BLACKBERRY. Take your pick. You can't go wrong with either selection. Deep down if you didn't want a bb you wouldn't be asking for advice on a bb website.

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    08-18-10 02:55 PM
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    You're absolutely right, Buford. Blackberry is definitely the fit for me. I think it took typing it all out to realize that. I think I've made my decision... Blackberry Tour. The price is right for me being in a contract and buying it at the higher price. It has many pros that I'm looking for such as the browser, email, and PIN apps. I honestly love the trackball. I feel a lot of control using it.

    Thanks to everyone who helped me finally get this figured out and listening to me ramble. It's definitely appreciated...

    Blackberry Tour... Here I come!
    08-18-10 03:00 PM
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    Did you contact Verizon customer service to see if you qualify for an early upgrade or some kind of promotion? It might pay to talk to VZW before you buy a BB on ebay.
    08-18-10 03:06 PM
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    mmhmm... I looked into it. Unfortunately, I'm not eligible for anything yet. From what the rep said, I would have been if I hadn't switched to the Env 2 after the Devour. Something about extending a 2-year smartphone plan after one year would get a discounted price. But the Env2 was a feature phone. So I kinda screwed myself over a bit.

    Bright side tho is that in a year I'll be able to upgrade to something else with the $100 credit promotion.
    08-18-10 03:13 PM