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    I have one question:
    I'm working in quite big company which have BES service available. Can anyone explain me how the BES is synchronizing information from the phone. I'm wondering about all my personal information (emails, facebook, twitter, browsing history and bookmarks, photos and other files and so on..) - is all this info also synchronized to my employers BES server and he can also check what ever he wants? Or maybe only part of this information is available for him? Or maybe even only BES email account with its contacts is only available to see for him?

    It's very important to me, while I have a lot of my personal info and don't want anyone to see it, and if the employer can see it I will think to buy one more phone.

    Thank in advance!
    10-19-11 05:59 AM
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    Read this to find out what the BES Administrator can see and not see.

    What does BES see; what can be tracked/logged? - Port3101.org : Your BES Connection

    It's almost ALWAYS advisable to NOT put your personal device on your employer's BES.
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    10-19-11 06:04 AM