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    A few days ago, I was able to add a personal email account via the BIS to my corporate-owned Blackberry w/ BB Enterprise Server. Generally, I am heavily restricted from accessing non-business web sites on the BB, including personal email sites via webmail login. So, I was quite surprised that I was unrestricted from adding the personal email account via BIS.

    I have two questions: First, does utilizing BIS to setup/access my personal email cost my company anything more than would the BES (large corporation with 20,000+ users)? Second, and similar to a question above, will my Blackberry admins be able to view my personal email that is sent to the Blackberry? I note that the personal emails do not appear on my desktop-based corporate email, accessed via Outlook.

    05-07-10 04:16 AM
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    I'd think it wouldn't cost more (assuming an adequate data plan) and that the personal email wouldn't go through corporate, but hopefully someone else can provide a more authoritative answer.

    I can't try that on my BES BB, personal use prohibited, IT security violations have been used as cause for dismissal where I work, so I carry two BB's, theirs and mine.

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    05-07-10 05:02 AM
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    There is no incremental cost to the company as a result of you setting up a BIS email account on your company BB. The only chance of additional cost is IF your account with your service provider (appears to be AT&T) is not set up for unlimited data -- a remote likelihood, but possible -- then the additional data could incur cost if you go past your monthly data allotment. But as said it is highly unlikely -- most BES accounts are set up with the service provider as unlimited. Now -- if you travel internationally, then there is another opportunity for cost to the company as a result of additional data thru-put if you don't have an international data plan, or your international data plan is not unlimited.

    Yes -- the BES administrator CAN see everything you do on your company-owned BES Blackberry. They don't always have it set up to do so, but they CAN see it -- your personal email, your SMS, your BBM messages, your call log -- your Blackberry is an open book for the BES Admin. Secure to the outside world, but wide open to the BES admin. They may even be backing up all your files too, which exposes notes, tasks, unencrypted data files in addition.

    In the world of BES -- big brother is watching -- or at least he can be.
    05-07-10 11:19 AM
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    As much of a pain as it would be, if I had a corporate BB, I would keep a second one for personal use. I wouldn't want the company seeing my personal stuff.
    05-07-10 12:22 PM
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    My company uses outlook web access for offsite / off PC access to corporate mail.....coincidentally I was able to add my corporate email to my personal bb by adding an OWA email account using the BIS website.

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    05-08-10 05:53 AM
  6. Snarfler's Avatar

    Yes -- the BES administrator CAN see everything you do on your company-owned BES Blackberry.
    Thanks for correcting me on that.

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    05-08-10 07:20 AM