1. dehrlich01's Avatar
    So.... with other OSes taking the spotlight away from RIM and users flocking in droves to Android and iPhone, RIM needs to revamp it's OS (even further than OS6 did) to attract new customers, maintain current ones and keep it's enterprise people happy.
    My solution - take a page out of Android's book. Make 'user environments.' Meaning, there'd be a work profile with certain settings and layouts pertinent to the business user or a 'weekend' profile that's geared more towards entertainment and social outings.
    I think this setup will allow more customization while giving the user the option to opt for a more 'traditional' blackberry experience.
    Also, RIM - if you're reading this, if they're not going to give more internal memory for 3rd party apps, media, etc., then give us the ability to save/launch apps from the SD card. I'm sure there's a way to quell any security concerns by encryption.
    Here's the short of it - there's gotta be a middle ground. It's not all business or toy. The sooner RIM realizes this, the sooner they'll have a more substantial edge over its competitors.
    Just a thought. Thoughts?
    12-28-10 01:14 PM
  2. 1812dave's Avatar
    Don't need a "page out of Android". QNX for the PB already sports a very cool WebOS-like feel.
    12-28-10 01:20 PM