1. mrsimon's Avatar
    I was reflecting today on which of the Key Series keyboards I like the best. I have the Key1 and LE.

    I thought the Key1 was great till I tried the LE. I choose the LE as I didn't like the feel of the large see-saw spacebar on the Key2.

    The key sizes seem to be in the Goldilocks zone; not too big or small. The downside of the LE is the height of the spacebar which might make you type a space instead of a 'v'.

    So, if no other key series phone comes out, IMHO, we won't have got to the perfect BB Android PKB.

    The other thing I'm missing is the 'ease of action'. I'd like to be able to type lighter and press down less. There must be a Goldilocks zone for this too. Too light and you'd type sentences in your pocket, unless it was 'locked'.

    It would give higher WPM and lower finger fatigue.

    We can dream.

    What's your take on the Android BB / TCL PKB and what would've been the perfect one?
    10-14-19 07:23 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Some that got the red KEY2 were very happy with it.
    10-14-19 02:26 PM
  3. mrsimon's Avatar
    Some that got the red KEY2 were very happy with it.
    This will be the one people will want and talk about if we don't get a Key3.
    10-15-19 12:13 AM

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