1. prjoni99's Avatar
    Hi Guys,

    Right now I have a Blackberry Pearl Flip. A friend of mine wants to trade me for a 8320. Should I do it? Is the 8320 a better device? Please help I'm so confused and I don't know what to do. The bigger screen is nice too
    05-21-09 10:08 AM
  2. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    Keep the Pearl Flip or you'll be taking a huge step backwards.

    The Pearl 8220 has twice the internal memory (128mb vs 64mb), the
    newer OS (4.6 vs 4.5) and a far superior (IMO) keyboard.
    05-21-09 10:32 AM
  3. thinkamp's Avatar
    Def keep the pearl flip...what AG said is correct!
    05-21-09 10:41 AM
  4. benzworm's Avatar
    ya, i'd keep the 8220
    05-21-09 10:44 AM
  5. savioAMG's Avatar
    Its definitely much newer tech wise than the 8320. I'd stick with 8220 as well.

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    05-21-09 10:47 AM