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    so a few days ago i started using the auto on/off to happen in the very early morning, say 3, to gain back a lil memory while i sleep

    however instead, when i woke up my screen was completely white!! no hourglass or anything. just the words "App Error 200" and then a reset option a few lines down. so i stopped using the on/off as a quick fix until i could find the real issue and low and behold this morning, same white screen!!!

    i dont know what the problem could be. the only things i've download lately are weather eye, cnn mobile shortcut, and a new theme all OTA.

    a battery pull did not solve the problem but it restarts regularly after a battery pull. it only white screens with a regular turn off and then upon attempting to turn it back on, i get the white screen and then have to click the reset button.

    what should i do?
    05-22-08 07:55 AM
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    You have to reinstall OS
    05-22-08 02:41 PM
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    So you have gotten the same error and what caused it if you know?

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    05-22-08 05:04 PM
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    Sorry to hear that you are having trouble.

    RIM have their usual unhelpful explanation of your error.

    200 - Application manager threw an uncaught exception: The application manager event thread threw an uncaught exception and cannot continue execution.

    I am not excatly sure what went wrong with your phone.

    You may be looking at an OS re-install.

    Before that though download the OS that you had installed from you carrier site and install it on your PC. Start Desktop Manager and then connect you phone. You may have to do a battery pull here to make it try to connect. Maybe, just maybe DM will recognize the phone and will try to rectify the problem.

    Let's hope so.
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    05-22-08 05:48 PM
  5. OptiPrime's Avatar
    Ok thanx for the help. I'll try it tonight. I can't believe it. I really hope when I connect it to DM it will fix the problem.

    I really don't want to re install my OS snd lose all my apps and maybe brick my phone. It seems really sticky. I'd I were to take it to a sprint store, could they maybe do it. Who am I kidding, prolly not lol?!

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    05-22-08 07:22 PM
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    UPDATE: so before i made the jump to reload by whole OS, i decided to delete the new theme i just dl'd OTA last week. a few days after i dl'd it it would give me an uncaught exception error sometimes but i would just press ok and disregard it, but i had a feeling that might be the issue.
    so i deleted it, did a battery pull, then a regular on/off cycle with the end call key and NO WHITE SCREEN APP ERROR 200!!!

    so as long as it dont have any more issues i won't have to reload my OS.

    ONE THING though:

    i really loved this theme lol. it was the today plus side dock theme, this one http://mobile.blackberry.com/resourc..._320x240_422_b .jad, and featured a today screen and then u could scroll to the right and get your top 5 icons or press your menu key for all apps.

    if i re d/l the theme am i gauranteed to have the same issue or should i give it a go? any ideas at all lol? because i really loved this theme but of course i can't let it crash my phone.
    05-22-08 09:17 PM