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    I've read all the reviews on Patternlock and it looked like a great feature for my phone even though I really only need it to lock one application. I don't have any real need to lock the features on the phone and find that native lock to suffice, however I do have pesky friends that find it amusing to open up other's Facebook app and post questionable status updates lol. On reading the features of Patternlock I thought I understood it to be able to set the lock to individual applications such as Facebook so I just purchased it and went through the full setup process. In the applications list, I checked the Facebook app and my media location to lock. After completing the setup I went to both and opened them without any restrictions. Patternlock did not work...I reviewed my settings and reset the device, but it still did not work. Also, on the restart, once my phone came back on it displayed an error message which I cant remember exactly what it said. I have uninstalled it and the error message went away. Has anyone had a similar issue? Thanks in advance.
    01-12-11 05:53 PM
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    Checked permissions? They should have set themselves when you first set up PL, I just went in and locked Facebook with no issue.

    Edit: Did you do a battery pull after installing? That's almost a requirement.

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    01-12-11 08:36 PM
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    I have the deReset app and tried that for my reset, but I will try to redownload Patternlock from the OTA download and will try a manual battery pull instead. fingers crossed.
    01-13-11 10:36 AM
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    Good to go, kinda strange though.
    01-13-11 01:07 PM
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    Another prime example of the app reset versus the physical battery pull. For general "resetting" an app is ok, freeing up memory or just clearing the air if the device seems like it's not performing as well. For actual problems, pulling the battery is the best, if not only, way to go.

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    01-13-11 01:17 PM