1. berry-queen's Avatar
    Can anyone tell me what the password keeper app is for and where i would get the pass word from. When I enter one that I made up, it tells me incorrect password and how many tries I have left. Right now it's 3/10. I thought it was for storing PIN and passwords from all of my accounts???
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    09-22-08 02:09 PM
  2. DJManos's Avatar
    That is exactly what it is for. Is your berry new to you or was it owned by someone else before?

    The first time you use password keeper it lets you set your own password.
    09-22-08 02:15 PM
  3. berry-queen's Avatar
    It was refurbished but factory reset. How can i a new pass word???
    09-22-08 02:23 PM
  4. berry-queen's Avatar
    How can ?I reset the password for password keeper app?
    09-22-08 02:24 PM
  5. DJManos's Avatar
    Not sure but I would bet money somebody will be along shortly who does know.
    09-22-08 02:26 PM
  6. Cooper_Lang's Avatar
    On the off hand that someone at the factory picked a default password, I always suggest entering the word "password" without the quotes. Surprisingly this has worked on more than one occasion.

    Good luck.
    09-22-08 03:08 PM
  7. ralphjr's Avatar
    If u use all ten trys it should reset the password and ask u to input a new one BUT BE WARNED..... It WILL erase everything saved in the password keeper---hope that helps

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    09-23-08 06:33 PM