1. gfrjr's Avatar
    I recently purchased a Blackberry Curve 2 8310 and had a Palm Treo 650. I cannot seem to get my Contacts information (including the "notes") transferred to Microsoft Outlook to be transferred to my new Blackberry. Is it true that the Palm Treo Contacts information does not transfer to the Blackberry Curve in an organized fashion "123-456-7890" including the "notes" I have only received the numbers 1234567890 (numbers difficult to read without the dashes) and no "notes" transferred. AT& T tells me the notes cannot be transferred. Please help, GFR
    01-27-08 02:52 PM
  2. fehrnazer's Avatar
    Hi, I have recently upgraded from a Treo 680 to a BB Curve and I am loving it. The only problem I am having is with the contacts application. In my treo, I used to have up to SEVEN phone numbers for each contact. I can also customize between mobile/home/work/fax etc. The BB doesn't seem to allow me to do that. I have googled the net for a contact manager application for the BB without any success. Any one has a solution?
    01-27-08 03:03 PM
  3. cjcarbone's Avatar
    if you install you desktop manager. it has a section switch device wizard.
    That should help.
    01-27-08 03:39 PM
  4. hwrobin's Avatar
    I moved from a Palm OS (700P) last year to a Blackberry 8330 Curve. I did not use the "Switch Device Wizard" & now I find much of the detail in the User Fields of Contacts did not transfer over to the Blackberry.

    The User Fields Detail are still in my Outlook 2003, but not on my Blackberry (I assumed it would have transferred over).

    Is there a way to "rebuild" this correctly? E.g. fire up my old Palm, Sync it to Ouloook to transfer Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, & Memos back onto it, then run "Switch Device Wizard"? Sounds like a lot of work, but I have over 2,500 contacts I collected a lot of important detailed info on since 1999 & would like to have that on my BB. Right now much of that detailed User Info in only in Outlook on my Work Computer, if I was to leave my job, I would LOOSE ALL THAT INFO!

    In addition to Contact Info missing User Fields detail, some of my Calendar Items are missing details in the Notes Section - I have the following display on the BB calendar instead: <<__PalmData__.dat>>

    Anyone have some good ideas?
    03-25-09 11:39 AM