1. vashti777's Avatar
    For anyone that needs assistance on getting your Z9i bluetooth set up on a Curve. If you are having a problem, reset the Z9i by pressing the up & down volume keys and the on/off, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Then it will flash fast for pairing.
    12-23-08 05:30 PM
  2. RHChan84's Avatar
    It should only be like that if you have paired up 5 devices to the Z9i. Then it needs a reset. I paired it up to two different Storms with just holding the main button till the light is solid blue.
    12-24-08 10:59 PM
  3. puterdoctor's Avatar
    Issues and possible answers for Z9i paired with an 8350i

    When I first received the z9i I was unable to invoke the 8350i's voice dialing feature. I quickly located a firmware update for the z9i. I have seen some posts elsewhere complaining about the instructions for the firmware upgrade being difficult to interpret, however I did not find that to be the case at all. The upgrade went off without a hitch and the 8350i responded to the button click immediately and I got a voice prompt. But, not too long after that I began to lose the voice dialing feature after having turned off the Z9i for awhile and then turning it back on. I soon noticed that a long low frequency tone in the Z9i's earpiece about 5 seconds after the higher pitched "connect" tone was heard was always an indication that I had lost the voice dialing capability. Of course, Nextel and Blueant each pointed fingers at each other when confronted with the issue! Blueant told me that their headset appears to have different issues with some phones and not necessarily the same issue with each model phone. They also told me that turning off the voice prompt in the 8350i was known to correct a different issue than I reported and that I should try doing that to see if it corrects my issue, as well. All this takes some time and I am not done testing, so I will not speculate if it has corrected the problem or not. Another factor is that I also suspect that the Bluetooth capability in my laptop computer could also be involved in the issue. I have turned off the Bluetooth transmitter in the laptop and also turned off the voice prompt feature in the 8350i while I continue to test for the problem. The 8350i has already undergone at least one operating system upgrade and I expect more to follow, judging from all the miscillaneous bugs that have been reported. Perhaps future upgrades to the 8350i will prove to correct some Bluetooth issues, as well.

    As for numerous complaints I have read regarding excessive beeping in the headset and regarding noises and bad sound quality, I have had none of these issues at all. The Z9i's performance in incoming and outgoing sound quality has been excellent right from the start. One of my pet peeves' with Bluetooty headsets was the poor incoming sound level. That has not been a problem for me with the Z9i at all. In fact, I typically set the level two steps below maximum, and I am hard of hearing, so that's saying something.

    I plan to update this post as I, hopefully, get my voice dialing issue resolved.
    03-05-09 04:39 PM