1. Washburn69's Avatar
    It's a Garmin 285WT.

    I know how to pair the 285 with a blue tooth phone, but what's the procedure for UNpairing the phone? (like when I leave the car I want my phone back to normal, and not paired with the GPS)
    a) once paired, and unpaired, when I turn on the unit the next time, will it automatically pair with the phone again?
    b) Is it true that I should initiate the pairing from the phone, rather than doing it from the GPS? (and having the phone being "found" by the Garmin)

    Thanks a lot, in advance
    03-01-10 09:40 AM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    If you leave the GPS in the car and take the phone with you, you'll drop the Bluetooth connection when you get 20 feet or so away from your car. Without trying it, I can't say whether the Garmin unit will automatically connect to your phone when powered on. Try it and see. You only have to pair once. Once paired, you can connect and disconnect as often as needed. Do it whichever way works. When you are done pairing, be sure to set your phone to Not Discoverable to prevent anyone else with a bluetooth device from being able to see it. Once paired, you don't need to be discoverable to connect.
    03-01-10 06:15 PM