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    I was excited to try out a BB Curve - I need a phone to cover my email access while I wait between the sale of my old and purchase of my new iPhone. BTW, IMAP worked flawlessly on it.

    I was never able to configure IMAP to do anything other than a "POP type" retreival that would grab a new email. Nothing in terms of downloading folder structure, specifying draft / sent / trash folders, etc. I don't need a push capability so maybe I'm out of the demographic for RIM - but I see many of the devices around and being a geek I'm ok to dork out on RIM stuff waiting of BSD Unix beauty.

    Anyway, this is more of a comment than a question as I've exchanged the phone for a lowly Windows Mobile Blackjack II that can at least be configured out of box for IMAP4 and behaves well. Still not as compliant as my last phone.

    So I'm waiting out my month. I am open to experiencing the other platforms - and while I always felt that for me I'd go back as planned, I'm amazed at this little BB tour - and how the device is in many ways really so-so. I don't mean feature-for-feature in hardware stats - more that the operating system, the userinterface, etc., was underwhelming. I think I would have said, ok, this is what phones do - and deal with it - if it weren't for the last phone I used that just plainly crushed it.

    So I *am* wondering - does anyone have a great IMAP setup that is smooth - another app, something? I spend around four hours and didnt' get much improvement.

    Not a RIM fan yet,
    06-14-08 06:17 AM
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    once you go crack you never go back
    06-14-08 08:04 AM