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    This post is in no way to bash PageOnce, but rather to express the issues that I have had with their service.

    I used the demo version of PageOnce for roughly two weeks, until I noticed that it would cause my bank accounts to become locked due to 5 incorrect pin attempts within 5 seconds (even though it had the right pin, and even provided me with my account information). When I found this out, I deleted the app from my BB and furthermore deleted my account from their service. The issue persisted. PageOnce claimed that there is nothing that they could see on their end causing this, so I had my bank pull up the IP addresses for the offending company. After looking up those IP addresses, I found they belonged to PageOnce servers on their hosting company. Below is the latest email I sent to them, hoping for a quick resolve.

    This type of service does not leave minds at ease, considering it's financially related.



    Thank you for your reply.

    I called *bank*, and they provided me three IP addresses for the offending servers that are causing the issue. I only had to look up the first address with an IP tracer to see it is owned by PageOnce. Here are the IPs along with two dates that they connected. This issue is happening on a daily basis now.

    67.221.34 .157


    Again, the issue is that your servers are trying to access my *bank* account information and entering an invalid pin 5 times within 5 seconds. This causes my account to become locked. Furthermore, I deleted my account with PageOnce roughly two weeks ago. This needs to be rectified by PageOnce immediately, as I am sure it is in breach of federal law (continued access to account information that the user has initiated a deletion for).

    Here is the information I discovered about the first IP address:

    IP :
    Host : pageonce-34-153.peakwebhosting.com
    Country : United States

    Please call me as soon as this issue is rectified, or to inform me of its status.

    Thank you.

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    03-31-09 05:00 PM