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    Hi Everyone,

    I spent a huge chunk of my day clearing the swarm of post it notes from my desk today by making stickies in Outlook. For security and confidentiality purposes I only want certain stickies to sync to my phone and certain ones to remain on my desktop at home. Is there a way to select which stickies you want to sync or is it all or nothing for the most part?

    Blackberry Curve 8310, Desktop manager 5.0, Outlook 2007
    08-03-10 01:41 AM
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    In Outlook, create a new Note Item folder to contain the notes that you don't want to sync. I tested this and they didn't sync for me. If necessary, you can map the Outlook folders that sync in Desktop Manager Synchronization Configuration - Advanced.

    Similarly, you can also create a folder for contacts that you don't want to sync.
    08-03-10 08:26 AM
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    Excellent I'll give this a shot thank you!

    UPDATE: This worked thanks again.
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    08-08-10 02:26 AM