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    I have a BB 8350i using Sprint/Nextel services on a BES. I have a rule setup in Outlook 2007 saying after a message has been sent, copy it to the in-box. I also have the check-box unchecked in Outlook 2007 in regards to saving a copy of e-mails to my sent folder. This leaves my sent folder within Outlook 2007 empty.

    I have set my BB to save a copy to the sent folder.

    The problem is any new messages I create in Outlook 2007 do not show up in my in-box of my BB. Any idea why this rule is not allowing the in-boxes between Outlook and my BB to not sync?

    I configure my Outlook 2007 this way so I can manage outgoing and incoming e-mails within one folder.

    Any messages in my sent folder, within Outlook 2007, are the e-mails created on my BB.
    08-03-10 10:22 PM