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    I have redirector running on Terminal server and when I receive a message into my Exchange mailbox it redirects it to the BB. Normal.

    I am running into a mailbox size restriction and moved my folders to a personal .pst file. I have a general rule to forward everything there and then run other rules. Problem is now when Outlook is open it appears the redirector does not work. Is the rule being applied too quickly and the redirector thinks the message did not actually come into the box?

    How do I fix this? Thanks in advance.
    04-07-08 10:43 AM
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    Update... I removed the rule that would pull the messages from the exchange server to the pst folder upon receiving it. This fixed things.

    The question remains though... does the redirector need a certain amount of time to recognize a message has arrived before I can apply a rule to move it?
    04-08-08 06:25 AM