1. sleamiller's Avatar
    I am trying to sync my 8330. I have 2 profiles and i had a ton of contacts already on my old phone that the cell rep transferred over to the BB from the personal profile on my computer but now i would love to add the contacts from my business profile to my BB. They are in Outlook but when I go to sync it just has Outlook Express. i just sent 400 personal contacts to outlook Express trying to sync with my business Outlook. I am fed up with this. it is supposed to be easier than Palm.
    03-26-09 02:48 PM
  2. chelseytx's Avatar
    humm... did you go into the sync wizard? what choices did u have?
    03-26-09 03:01 PM
  3. sleamiller's Avatar
    When I do select device application or intellisync it shows Outlook Express, ASCII Import/Export, and Yahoo. That is it. Is that what you were asking?
    03-26-09 03:19 PM
  4. chelseytx's Avatar
    what is on the screen when you do the following: (this is from 4.6 so it may look a little different)

    open DM
    open Sync
    on the left go to: config> sync
    go to syn on the right.
    check address book highlight and press set up.
    03-26-09 03:46 PM
  5. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    What version of Outlook?

    What version of Desktop Manager?

    The versions must be compatible in order to sync.
    03-26-09 05:48 PM
  6. sleamiller's Avatar
    i have Outlook 2000 and 4.70 now for the desktop manager. I am so pissed right now. I have been working on this phone for hours, what works?
    03-26-09 06:23 PM
  7. JeffAlbert21's Avatar
    Having the same problem with my dad's BB...My Storm Sync's fine...but his Curve does not. We are both running 4.7 and Outlook 2003...Anyone have any info on this?
    03-27-09 09:53 AM
  8. MaineEvent's Avatar
    There is a blackberry document addrssing this, but I can't post the link because I haven't met the 10 post requirement, KB02126
    03-27-09 10:16 AM