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    I posted this in the 9930 section but looking for answers here too. I set up multiple sub-folders in outlook with rules to automatically dump incoming messages to the appropriate folder. But now any of these messages that get directed to a subfolder aren't showing up on my blackberry. How can I fix this? The reason I created subfolders was to handle important messages so they wouldn't get lost in my inbox, so not having these important message available to me on my BB is killing me! Thanks,

    03-21-12 12:04 PM
  2. auto208562's Avatar
    If you are on BIS, it will only sync your inbox. That is my understanding. This was one of the reasons I eventually started to use my iphone more. I could not do it on my 9700 or figure it out.

    If you are on BES, I think it's something you can configure but I'll let the BES folks chime in.
    03-21-12 12:28 PM
  3. pillsy's Avatar
    i'm not using a BES
    03-21-12 12:35 PM
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    and if that's the case, it's really unacceptable. the "tools not toys" company can't figure out how to work with outlook? the pioneers of mobile email are stumped by sub-folders? come on...
    03-21-12 12:40 PM
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    If you look at this old thread, it will mention of how BIS doesn't allow subfolders. I am not sure if anything changed. I agree about your comment below but I'll leave it at that.


    and if that's the case, it's really unacceptable. the "tools not toys" company can't figure out how to work with outlook? the pioneers of mobile email are stumped by sub-folders? come on...
    03-21-12 12:49 PM
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    thanks. that doesn't make sense to me though (no surprise though, as i'm not that smart). isn't BB getting messages off the server? i don't have folders set up on the server, they get pulled into Outlook and then moved into separate folders once they reach outlook based on the rules i've set up. but there is no distinction of folders when they originally hit the server.

    prior to my 9930 I had a Storm 2 and i am positive that i was getting emails that were being directed into outlook subfolders. this is the first time i've had problems like this.
    03-21-12 02:05 PM
  7. auto208562's Avatar
    What about changing the outlook rule to move to subfolder but also keep a copy in the inbox?
    03-21-12 02:14 PM
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    i was thinking about doing that but thought maybe there was a better way of handling it. i guess it's a fix for now and if something comes along later i can remove it.
    03-21-12 02:27 PM
  9. eds817's Avatar
    If your ISP truly supports IMAP it might work.

    I just did a test with Gmail and it worked. I know my work email which it nothing more than a POP3 account and the IPS told me they support IMAP but it doesn't work as well as Gmail.
    03-21-12 02:30 PM
  10. jefftam68's Avatar
    Both the BB and Outlook grab the messages from the same source. If you don't tell Outlook to leave a copy of the messages on the server after retrieving them, then they just won't be there to retrieve by the BB.
    03-21-12 04:13 PM
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    but does that mean messages with rules to go into different folders are pulled off the server faster than if there are no outlook rules applied? because messages going into the general inbox are received fine, only the ones that get dumped into a different folder after outlook receives them don't get pulled over
    03-21-12 04:33 PM
  12. mark-d's Avatar
    I guess you need Logicmail on your phone so you can see your folders where the mail is.

    However that will only work if your mail is IMAP and the Outlook folders will then be mirrored on the server. If it's POP and mail is downloaded into Outlook without leaving a copy on the server then it's gone from the server and the BB may never see it.
    03-21-12 05:58 PM
  13. pillsy's Avatar
    i still don't understand why though. why would messages with rules directing them to outlook folders be treated any differently on the server than messages without rules. the rules aren't on the server, it seems like they all would flow into outlook and then outlook decides where to put them based on the pre-determined rules. basically, why would messages that end up in sub-folders be downloaded into outlook and not leave a copy on the server while messages that stay in the outlook in-box do leave a copy on the server?

    so frustrating.
    03-21-12 09:49 PM