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    Hoping y'all can help...

    Let's say I have a contact in Outlook: Bill & Linda Anderson. Bill has a cell phone, Linda has a cell phone, they have work numbers a home number. Before I owned a BB I could just enter "(321) 123-4567 (Linda cell)" into Outlook to differentiate who the owner of that number was. Well, that apparently doesn't work with the BB. (Last night I tried to send Linda Anderson a text and it never went thru because of the form.) Outlook does not allow me to customize the phone labels other than "business, mobile, primary etc," and I know I won't be able to remember who was "mobile" and who was "primary"....

    So, other than separating the two contacts (Linda Anderson, Bill Anderson vs. Bill & Linda Anderson) is there anything else I do? Is there an Outlook format that BB will appreciate?
    06-26-09 05:27 PM
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    Sorry Nothing else you can do but separate them.

    unfortunately contact management software is still 10 years in the past when families had 1 number, and MAYBE a contact would have 3 numbers being office, Cell, home,

    I mentioned in the business form how I WISH a contact manager would work, and how I wish it worked is what you need.

    allow me to paint a picture of my perfect conteact manager software.

    Contacts can be classified as individuals, or part of a group.

    a Group contact can have multiple locations and people with in it, maybe you want to make group be WORK and your work as 3 offices, you would be able to have a heirachy of the offices with in the group but would not have to keep entering data that is consistent among people such as Office fax number.

    Or in your mentioned case you'd have Anderson Family
    which would be laid out like so
    Family Address
    Family Phone number
    Family Members
    > Bill (Cell)
    >> Work addresss (Office) (Office Cell) (Office Fax)
    >Linda (Cell)
    >> Work address (Office) (office fax)
    > Kid1 (cell)
    >> School Address (school) (school fax)
    06-26-09 08:17 PM