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    Apologies for the millionth calendar syncing problem...

    Outlook-entered calendar items come into Blackberry as default and Blackberry-entered calendar items are as email-1, which is my default email address set in the Options. Outlook items sync fine, but blackberry-entered items do no show up in Outlook after sync. Seems to me this happened before when I upgraded the OS, but cant remember the fix.

    Bold 9700 v.593 just installed
    Two pop3 email addresses (email-1, email-2) in Microsoft Outlook and Blackberry BIS.
    Default services on Blackberry for email and calendar are both email-1.
    Default email address in Outlook is also email-1.
    I have deleted and resent service books a couple times and also tried using only one email address.
    I have cleared the blackberry calendar in desktop manager (both calendar and calendar-all whats the difference, btw?).
    I have deleted all items in my Outlook calendar.
    I think I have a clean slate.

    When calendar items are entered in Outlook, they sync to the blackberry just fine. When I view said Outlook items on the blackberry, they list "default" in the calendar's "send using" field. I can edit these items on both the blackberry and outlook calendars and they resync just fine.

    Also, when I view outlook-entered calendar items in Outlook, email-1 is listed in the "scheduling" tab, as expected, since email-1 is my default email in Outlook.

    The problem is that all calendar items entered on the blackberry will not sync to Outlook. Blackberry-entered calendar items show "email-1" in the "send using" field, as expected, since email-1 is my default email and calendar on my blackberry.

    In a nutshell, Outlook calendar items come into the blackberry as "default," not as "email-1." How do I get them to come in as email-1?

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