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    I am having several problems with Outlook Calendar Synchronization. I am using BIS and IMAP. When I got my 8830 last week I connected the USB cable and performed the initial synchronization with my computer to synchronize the Outlook Calendar Events. This seemed to work fine. I then continued to use the BB8830 for about one week and noticed the following very annoying problems:

    1. If I create a schedule a meeting in the Outlook Calendar, the event will not get placed on my BB Calendar! In order to make this work correctly, when I schedule the meeting I must include myself as one of the required meeting participants. This will cause an email message to be sent by Outlook. My BB will then see that email message and create a calendar event. This is quite kludgy, but I don't know any other way around this problem. Note that when other folks schedule meetings and I am one of the participants, I will get an email and the event will be placed on my BB calendar and everything works fine. Only when I schedule the meeting and am the meeting organizer does this problem occur.

    2. When someone schedules a meeting I get an email notification on my BB and the meeting appears on my BB calendar. The meeting organizer then later reschedules the meeting and sends an update notice to all participants. My BB does not alter the event on the BB Calendar. I wind-up going to the meeting at the incorrect time!!! Is there a workaround for this bug? I know that I can have the meeting organizer delete and then re-create the meeting but that is too much trouble for the meeting organizer. I can also update the meeting on the BB manually, but that kinda defeats the purpose of having a BB.

    Please don't suggest getting BES. We have BIS and that is what we are constrained to use.

    Thanks for the assistance and suggestions.

    03-26-08 02:07 AM