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    Hi all
    Is there any way that I can set up a auto reply from my blackberry for a work email account?

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    08-01-10 02:00 AM
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    On your Blackberry go to Messages, Options, Email Settings. Scroll down to "Use Out Of Office Reply". I am assuming you are on BES since you asked about a work account. I don't think that option exists for BIS. I have both so when I go into Email Settings the first option will be "Message Services". When the "Desktop" option is selected that is my BES.

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    08-01-10 07:46 AM
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    Yes, as stated above, the auto-reply feature is only on BES email accounts
    08-01-10 02:10 PM
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    Are there any options for an auto-reply email message for BIS accounts?

    I found a 3rd party app, but it cost $50!!!

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    10-23-10 11:53 AM
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    Setup an autotext entry using whatever short reply you want to such as:

    afo = "Thank You for contacting me. Unfortunately I am away from the office. I will contact you back as soon as I reach the office. Thank You."

    or whatever you wanna use. Then when you get an email on that work account, you reply back and all u have to type is afo or whatever you set up on the autotext. Keeps you from having to type a ton and gets sent right away as soon as you hit send. I would try that first before spending $50!

    AutoText works great. I have one set where i type the number zero twice like so for when I'm driving:

    00 = "I'm driving. I will call or text back later. Thanks"

    Saves time and keystrokes and usually can be done without even looking at the phone while typing if you are used to your keyboard.
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