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    I'd like to be able to sync my calendar, contacts, notes and Emails with Outlook. Between PC's I can do this fine with Exchange, but is it possible to also do this with a Blackberry? I know you can use Exchange with Blackberry for Emails, but how would I go about setting up to sync everything?

    If this can't be done, please advise how I would go about setting up push Email on BIS (at the moment I am using POP3 Email on my own domain and it's a tad slow to deliver).

    I'm looking at this:

    (can't put in URL's due to post count)

    It's Exchange hosting.l They charge extra to "Enable Blackberry", why is this?
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    You can't Sync PIM data with Exchange unless you either use BES or use something like AstraSync.

    Exchange Hosting charges so much for BES hosting (usually more than the mailbox costs) because BES licensing costs are high. I have a hosted Exchange account and I'm not about to pay $9.99 for BES on top of a $7.95 cost for the mailbox.

    Some companies charge like $6.99 or so for BES, but I tend to only stick to reputable hosts for this type of stuff...

    ActiveSync is "typically" free.

    The only way to do this stuff you want for free is to do it over USB to you computer. It wouldn't be bad if DM ran a small service that could do it over WiFi. I just can't stand Tethering with a USB especially with my computer towers being "out of the way" Lol.

    You can Sync Contacts and Calendar from GMail now I believe, but no Tasks or Notes.
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