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    I'm still relatively new to BBs and I'm now on a Torch 9800 coming from a 9000 Bold of 2 years. I've never had to reload an OS on my Bold, I've always upgraded the OS.

    With my 9800 I've gone through the DSW and I was able to get all my icons and apps moved over without issue. Until recently I've noticed that my FB and a few other apps don't update and show me the icons in the notification tray. The apps do work but the notifications don't. All my settings are the same as my 9000 as far as how I want to be notified. IIRC, these were working the first week or so that I've had my 9800.

    I am wondering, what is the best way to reload the Stock OS, and if I use a backup from my 9800 or try another DSW from my 9000 would I still likely encounter the same problems?

    Also I wasn't sure if this should go there or the 9800 section.

    Any hep is greatly appreciated!

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    09-05-10 11:42 AM
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    I don't know but............... I don't think you want all your apps or settings transferred to a new phone with a new OS. I would wipe and install the OS you want and not transfer apps and settings. Maybe someone else will give you a better option.

    09-05-10 11:55 AM