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    Just upgraded my corporate issued Bold 9650 (OS5) to Bold 9930(OS7.1) on VZW. On the 9650 I was able to authenticate to the corporate wifi using WPA2 Enterprise just fine AND browse the internet over wifi because I was able to specify a http proxy in the wifi connection settings.

    Now, on the 9930 I can still specify the WPA Enterprise credentials necessary to authenticate to the network and get an IP address just fine BUT the setting for HTTP Proxy is completely missing. Does any one know what's going on here? Did they remove this option in OS7.1? Seems insane if they did, considering that this is a very common requirement for corporate environment and even an iPod will allow you to set an http proxy for wifi.

    Is it possible that there is a configuration setting on the BES which has disabled this for only OS7.1 devices and not the older OS5 devices?

    I've searched high and low on the web for any clues and have found nothing except for a few others reporting this same issue, but no resolutions.


    02-16-12 09:31 AM