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    Hello, I have the bb curve 9330 and just upgraded to OS 6. Sorry if this is a weird question but when I use my phone and put it in my pocket, I'm sure buttons are probably hit while it's in there. When I take it out to use the "all tray" is either expanded or I'm on the download or frequent screens. Is there anyway to set it so when I take out my phone to use it it can be on the home page with the all screen minimized (like the regular format with just the 6 icons). It's just so much scrolling back and forth to do. Maybe the best option is to put the phone on keypad lock. Let me know what you think and thank you, This site is great!
    02-08-11 07:06 AM
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    There's probably no way to keep your screen from changing views. You could install an 0S 6 theme.

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    02-08-11 11:53 AM
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    Yeah, just hit top lock key before you put it in your pocket and it will be fine.
    02-08-11 12:19 PM
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    Install any one of the below FREE themes, they look better, cleaner, and don't have that annoying UI bar anyway.

    1) Simple Elegan6 , From your BB, go to >>> http://www.moritzzimmer.com/SE6/com_...le_Elegan6.jad

    2) Simple OS6 theme, from your BB, go to http://www.sixsyllables.com/blackber...ay_Weather.jad

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    02-08-11 12:31 PM
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    You can also hide the tray by going to options, display, homescreen options, and set the row to no tray instead of 1.

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    02-08-11 01:14 PM
  6. BoldtotheMax's Avatar
    Just hit the lock key on upper right and should be fine and to really be sure, password lock it, problem solved.

    I actually like the stock UI on os6.

    Cool we are getting themes now, but most look like os5 IMO...

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    02-08-11 04:25 PM
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    thanks alot and to jebellus and also to everyone else. I agree I am just going to stay with the stock that came with OS 6 and not fool around downloading anything. I am pretty basic and simple lol. As far as to lock, since I am new to a bb, is all you do is push the play/pause button on the top middle to lock and unlock or is there other buttons to push? I thought maybe the ones on the side lock/unlock but I'm not sure. Also, not sure if this keypad/password that someone mentioned. Thank you!
    02-09-11 09:37 PM