1. oliviabaker91's Avatar
    I just purchased the track ball light software, where you can change the color of the trackball, and my order has been "processing" for about 20 minutes now. I don't want to refresh or press the GO button again because I don't want to be charged twice. Also, when you buy software from the site does it give you a link to download the program from the site?
    06-19-08 11:34 PM
  2. oliviabaker91's Avatar
    Anyone? Ugh, it's STILL processing in another window.
    06-19-08 11:36 PM
  3. sunkast's Avatar
    You mean color pearl? That program only works with the 8100. It will not work for any other model.
    06-19-08 11:41 PM
  4. oliviabaker91's Avatar
    The website says that it will work on the 8320 model..

    But besides that I don't understand why my order won't process.
    06-19-08 11:43 PM
  5. sunkast's Avatar
    AS far as I know, the only Blackberry which has multi-color LEDs underneath the trackball assembly is the 8100. I would advise you to email the store's customer service department to inquire about the compatibility and the order processing.

    Ok, I just looked over the software description. It is only possible to change the trackball color on the 8100. For all other models, it will only allow you to change the LED status indicator (not the trackball).
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    06-19-08 11:52 PM
  6. oliviabaker91's Avatar
    I sent them an email. I also closed the window that was processing my order because 30 minutes was too long to wait. Is there anyway that I can view my purchases on the website if the order possible went through?
    06-19-08 11:57 PM
  7. oliviabaker91's Avatar
    Ha, this is so frustrating.
    06-20-08 12:08 AM
  8. oliviabaker91's Avatar
    Hm. Anyone know how to download softwares that you have purchased? Is there anywhere to find them on the website? (I was not taken to the download page after I purchased the software)
    06-20-08 12:19 AM
  9. oliviabaker91's Avatar
    Help Please!!
    06-20-08 12:29 AM
  10. jenaywins's Avatar
    Like sunkast said, this won't even change the colour of your trackball, soooo.. That would be my first concern if I were you.

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    06-20-08 12:32 AM
  11. oliviabaker91's Avatar
    Alright, that isn't right then that they say it works for the 8320. Well, I will ask them to return my money! Thank you so much guys!
    06-20-08 12:34 AM
  12. Kronk's Avatar
    Where did you purchase it from? Here on Crackberry?
    06-20-08 02:23 AM
  13. Kronk's Avatar
    I think I see the confusion:

    "Minimum Requirements:
    Blackberry Pearl, Curve or 8800, 8300 series devices. OS 4.2.0 and up.
    Device other than Pearl 8100 will change status LED color. "

    On the curve it will only affect the notification LED, not the trackball.
    06-20-08 02:25 AM