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    I'm using an 8820, without a data plan.

    I was not able to use the Blackberry browser, I'm assuming that's because I do not have a data plan. So I downloaded Opera Mini, however the only thing I can do is in type in the address bar. It won't let me scroll to the other options, like back/forward/options/etc.

    Therefore, I tried to download the new Bolt Browser via using the wifi on my phone. However when I click on the click to DL it, it redirects me to the Blackberry Browser and says I can't connect to the internet. I tried to the DL it to use through Blackberry Desktop Manager and it didn't work either, I guess because it's not the right type of file? ALSO, I cannot change my default browser on my phone to wifi or hotspot. There's just simply no option to do so when I go to the options on the Blackberry Browser. (Plus, there isn't even an icon to get to the browser, I had to locate it by clicking a link in my Wifi Network settings)

    Sorry, new Blackberry user as of yesterday. had a T-Mobile Dash before and seemed way more easier with this type of stuff.

    and right now I tried to download CrunchSMS, it's an .alx file and I tried adding it to the application list on Blackberry Desktop Manager, but an error message come up. Is that application not compatible with my 8820?

    Thanks, lots of questions. If any of them can be answered that would be great.
    04-01-10 04:33 PM