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    Hey friends!
    First of all, I have been a BB user and fan since 2005!

    But now in 2011, there is a thing (which worked better in the past) that really drives me crazy in a bad way!
    Now I own a brand new 9900 with the OS7 and best keyboard, I can ever imagine on a mobile device, but there is a thing I can't really use it for: The messengers!!!

    There is no REAL bb app, that works for me, except: Googletalk and yahoo.
    Icq? - Gone! Aim? - Gone! Skype? - Gone!

    Yeah, I know, there are a lot of "all-in-one messengers" like: Nimbuzz, IM+ etc.
    But they never work like they should.
    Either the messages are not in my inbox (gotta go into the app) or the little notification on the homescreen won't show up or my indicator light won't stop blinking etc.

    I know, it might sound stupid, but I need all those messengers (besides my Emails) to keep in touch with my friends and colleges!
    Almost each one uses a different messenger and insisits to keep that one he or she uses.

    I mean, I bought that device as a "communication" devices - not as a "app toy".
    I got that great keyboard and can't really use it for messeging.

    It seems that with every "update" a messengers will be gone.

    Is there a solution in sight?
    At OS 4.5 or early OS 5.0 there were still all of those messengers...



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    ICQ and AIM were both on my 9810. I don't believe skype has ever been on a BB.
    10-11-11 05:14 AM
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    Download AIM for your phone here:


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    10-11-11 05:17 AM
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    Yes slowly they are adding support for os 7i

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    10-11-11 05:19 AM
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    When a new OS releases it takes time for developers to make their apps compatible. You might just have to wait for a bit.
    10-11-11 05:51 AM