03-19-12 08:50 AM
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  1. Morty2264's Avatar
    I do see your point. In my more intimate circle of friends (people I see every week), two of them switched from BlackBerry to Android and haven't looked back. Three of my good friends have a BlackBerry; but I do admit that I have a small BBM list. Some friends have Androids; and some have iPhones... As other posters have said, it really depends on your needs and what you would like to have. If I were to ever switch from BlackBerry (which I won't, not a few years - I like my Bold 9780 ), I would get an Android. They look sexy and their functionality is interesting. But BlackBerry does so much for me that I think I'm perfectly happy with it now. My LED is different for specific contacts; I have different notifications for different things; I love my keyboard and how I use my data... So find a phone that you enjoy using. Don't do what "everyone else" is doing - find a phone that meets your needs first!
    03-18-12 04:32 PM
  2. tr1ad's Avatar
    is it that the OP can only use BBM to connect to people? rather strange....

    if i want to talk/chat with someone, i make a call or arrange to meet up with them
    03-18-12 04:48 PM
  3. dangerousfen's Avatar
    Neve have and never will use BBM. In fact I always shrink it out.

    As others have said, you can use many other ways to communicate with your Blackberry.

    03-18-12 05:31 PM
  4. Flexin's Avatar
    People are coming back to BlackBerry. Just read the forums!

    As for staying "connected" you can use email, text, or any of the million cross platform messengers.

    I like Live Profile and chat with friends/family with it on their iPhones or Android.

    You can use Twitter and Facebook on BlackBerry too. Not sure about G+ because I no longer have social networking accounts.

    You can also use the phone!

    BlackBerry is still in it. And it's a great communications device, like they all are.
    Yes you can use Google+ on the BlackBerry. I can use it on my 9810.

    To the OP.

    I have about 16 BBM contacts and a BBM group with 7 members of my Fire Station (only two of them are BBM contacts so far). I use BBM all of the time.

    I use Live Profile to talk to one sister who has an iphone and my brother in laws girlfriend who also has an iphone.

    I talk to my sister with text messages because she doesn't want to use another app, so Live Profile is out for her for now.

    I use facebook messages to talk to my mom and other people on my facebook list that don't use BBM, Live Profile or just don't have their contact info for those apps.

    I receive emails from my fire station and many other contacts and also return then as well.

    I can send a Twitter message to friends, family or random people. I can also receive them.

    Because of BBM Music/Twitter I have 4 new BBM contacts (which is reflected in my 16 contacts)

    So I don't feel alone at all. I didn't even mention the fact that I can dial a number and call someone.

    I haven't used them too much yet but I'm sure there are more ways to connect with people using Foursquare and Wikitude in some way.

    As far as convincing you to stay for BB10. We would all just be guessing right now. Unless your friends all have iphones and use imessage you should be able to contact them in some way. If they have iphones and Android based phones then they must be using a cross platform chat app or using text messages. If they are using text then they can contact you. If not they might be using a program that is available now or might be later for the BlackBerry.

    If you don't like BlackBerry phones, then find a brand you do like.

    As far as BB10 taking off. I was at a concert in February and when people started using their phones to make videos, it looked like 1/3-1/2 were BlackBerry phones. And it was a pretty young crowd. So if they come out with an exciting phone with the release of BB10 and get some more apps on it, they should do really well. If I like the phones (I will be waiting on on with a keyboard) then I will be making the switch from my new 9810.

    If your in a rush to get a new phone you will have to make a decision. If your not in a rush and can wait anywhere from a day to the end of the year, you can see what they have to offer with BB10. I switched my phone early because I feel the first BB10 phone with a keyboard won't be till next year. The longer I have my phone the cheaper the early upgrade will be.

    Your the only one that can make the final decision on your phone.

    03-18-12 06:06 PM
  5. youknwwho's Avatar
    Just convince a class mate to get a 9900, definately not FA
    03-18-12 10:46 PM
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    Ever since I got my first BB, it's all for personal use. It is my social phone and I am always connected. Not to mention my closest friends are either Android or iPhone users and yet we are all connected via Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook. Seriously, how many social-platforms does one needs?
    03-19-12 08:50 AM
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