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    This has probably been mentioned before but it bears repeating. I am frequently working on my desktop with my PlayBook and Bold 9700 at my side. I also send a lot of emails. I mainly use my BB devices when I am on the go. I have been trying instead to always send emails, even if I am in front of my computer, from my PlayBook (or 9700) for the simple reason that the automated signature says "Sent from my BlackBerry PlayBook" along with the BB website link. I figure each email I send is me doing my part to help market the BB devices to a public that I fear is largely unaware or starting to forget about them. Not sure how much it helps but if you are not doing the same I would encourage you to do so as it certainly can't hurt.
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    03-19-12 02:06 PM
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    My signature says "Sent from my Blackberry Device" which is a bit more open but achieves the same result I guess.
    03-19-12 04:04 PM