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    ....I NEED to get this off my chest!
    I want my Blackberry back....NOW! I've been a bb user for...IDK, sence the 8300. I just love the 9810. For the last month I used it, I stopped using the slider. The touch screen k/p (for me) was more accurate and faster. Then I told my 17y/o daughter she could have any phone she wanted because she's a ninja......my inspiration. (she spent 49 days in a hospital and missed 64 days of school and still maintained a 4.0 gpa) Anyway, she picks a GS2. She let me take it for a spin for an hour and I fell in love with it. NOT the OS, but the phone. The huge touch screen and, yeah, the huge touch screen.
    I picked one up and had it for about 12 hours....sold it for the same price I bought it for. Went back to my 9810 but couldn't forget the "huge touch screen". I did some research and found a droid that had LED notifications, VVM and synced w/Outlook. I bought it. It does everything my 9810 does....it just does it differently......and it seems like you need an app for everything.
    Bedside mode: not the same as BB. Phone # reverse look up:need an app. Email: Gmail sux azz!!!! There are some other BB features the droid doesn't have, but I can't think of them right now.The only thing that keeps me on the droid I now use is the "huge touch screen" I wish the BB OS could go on this handset I'm currently using....but it can't!!!
    RIM...Hiens....DROP BB10 NOW.....I AM BEGGING YOU...h*ll, drop a 4.5" all touch w/OS7 & I'm there!!!!

    so....I very IMPATIENTLY await the release of BB10 and the London.....or anything you wanna drop....JUST GIVE ME MY BB BACK!!!!!!

    ok....I'm done
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    01-27-12 08:35 PM
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    If BB10 isnt on a large and bright and vivid and beautiful touch screen i think lots of people are gonna be choked. Apple seems to be the only company who can get away with tiny screens. I wouldnt be able to switch from blackberry, android annoys me and dont even get me started on the iphone but i strongly agree on the larger touch screen. When they drop a Bold BB10 phone it had better be the biggest screen size ever lol. touch keyboard isnt my thing.........well not now but maybe when the first BB10 hits the market
    01-27-12 08:47 PM
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    Don't worry the bb10 london will be perfect for you eh

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    01-27-12 09:17 PM
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    Don't worry the bb10 london will be perfect for you eh

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    I'm thinkin it will....I just want it NOW!!!! Im really not too fond of the droid OS.....but I just can't take the puny screen...
    01-27-12 09:33 PM